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Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town


Tuesday, Sunday

Opening hours:
9:00 - 17:00


Item Price
Wheat FlourWheat Flour50
Curry PowderCurry Powder50
Dumpling WheatDumpling Wheat100
Power FruitPower Fruit10000


Seeds Season Prerequisite Price
Turnip seedsTurnip seedsSpring--120
Potato seedsPotato seedsSpring--150
Cucumber seedsCucumber seedsSpring--200
Strawberry seedsStrawberry seedsSpringShip 100 Turnips, Potatoes and Cucumbers each.150
Tomato seedsTomato seedsSummer--200
Corn seedsCorn seedsSummer--300
Onion seedsOnion seedsSummer--150
Pumpkin seedsPumpkin seedsSummerShip 100 Tomatoes, Corn and Onions each.500
Eggplant seedsEggplant seedsFall--120
Carrot seedsCarrot seedsFall--300
Sweet Potato seedsSweet Potato seedsFall--300
Spinach seedsSpinach seedsFallShip 100 Eggplants, Carrots and Sweet Potatoes each.200
Azuki seedsAzuki seedsFall--300
Pepper seedsPepper seedsFall--300
Orange Venus seedsOrange Venus seedsFall--1000
Grass seedsGrass seedsSpring - Fall--500

Cooking Utils

Cooking Utils Unlock Price
Spice RackSpice Rack1 - 2 days after the first house upgrade.2500
PotPot10 days after Spice Rack1000
Frying PanFrying Pan10 days after Pot1200
KnifeKnife10 days after Frying Pan1500
OvenOven10 days after Knife2500
Rolling PinRolling Pin10 days after Oven750
MixerMixer10 days after Rolling Pin1200
Beater10 days after Mixer500


Tool Needs EffectPrice
RucksackRucksack--16 Items and 8 Tools fit in this rucksack.3000
Big RucksackBig RucksackRucksack24 Items and 12 Tools fit in this rucksack.5000
Preserved FlowerPreserved Flower--Ask someone if he wants to go out with you. Works for Girls and Boys. You can have multiple relationships at once.1000
Blue FeatherBlue Feather--Propose! Works for Girls and Boys.1000