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Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

Blacksmith's Shop


Opening hours:
10:00 - 16:00


Item NeedsTimePrice
NecklaceNecklaceOrichalcumOrichalcum1 day1000
EarringsEarringsOrichalcumOrichalcum1 day1000
BraceletBraceletOrichalcumOrichalcum1 day1000
BroochBroochOrichalcumOrichalcum1 day1000


Tool Needs TimeEffectPrice
Copper SickleCopper SickleCopperCopper1 dayMows 1x3 fields.1000
Silver SickleSilver SickleSilverSilver1 dayMows 2x3 fields.2000
Golden SickleGolden SickleGoldGold1 dayMows 3x3 fields.3000
Mythril SickleMythril SickleMythrilMythril1 dayMows 5x5 fields.5000
Mythic SickleMythic SickleMythic OreMythic Ore1 dayMows 9x9 fields.50000
Copper HoeCopper HoeCopperCopper1 dayDigs 1x2 fields.1000
Silver HoeSilver HoeSilverSilver1 dayDigs 1x3 fields.2000
Golden HoeGolden HoeGoldGold1 dayDigs 1x4 fields.3000
Mythril HoeMythril HoeMythrilMythril1 dayDigs 1x6 fields.5000
Mythic HoeMythic HoeMythic OreMythic Ore1 dayDigs 9x9 fields.50000
Copper AxeCopper AxeCopperCopper1 dayHit a stump 6 times to destroy it.1000
Silver AxeSilver AxeSilverSilver1 dayHit a stump 3 times to destroy it.2000
Golden AxeGolden AxeGoldGold1 dayHit a stump 2 times to destroy it.3000
Mythril AxeMythril AxeMythrilMythril1 dayHit a stump 1 times to destroy it.5000
Mythic AxeMythic AxeMythic OreMythic Ore1 dayDestroy all stumps on the current area with one hit. Uses 50% less stamina.50000
Copper HammerCopper HammerCopperCopper1 dayDestroy a large stone with 4 hits.1000
Silver HammerSilver HammerSilverSilver1 dayDestroy a large stone with 2, and a rock with 6.2000
Golden HammerGolden HammerGoldGold1 dayDestroy a large stone with 1, and a rock with 3.3000
Mythril HammerMythril HammerMythrilMythril1 dayDestroy a rock with 2, and a big rock with 4 hits.5000
Mythic HammerMythic HammerMythic OreMythic Ore1 dayDestroy all rocks on the current area with one hit.50000
Copper Watering CanCopper Watering CanCopperCopper1 dayWaters 3x1 fields.1000
Silver Watering CanSilver Watering CanSilverSilver1 dayWaters 3x2 fields.2000
Golden Watering CanGolden Watering CanGoldGold1 dayWaters 3x3 fields.3000
Mythril Watering CanMythril Watering CanMythrilMythril1 dayWaters 5x3 fields.5000
Mythic Watering CanMythic Watering CanMythic OreMythic Ore1 dayWaters 9x9 fields.50000
Copper Fishing RodCopper Fishing RodCopperCopper1 daySmall and middle fish catchable.1000
Silver Fishing RodSilver Fishing RodSilverSilver1 dayMiddle fish catchable.2000
Golden Fishing RodGolden Fishing RodGoldGold1 dayMiddle and big fish catchable.3000
Mythril Fishing RodMythril Fishing RodMythrilMythril1 dayBig fish and rare item catchable.5000
Mythic Fishing RodMythic Fishing RodMythic OreMythic Ore1 dayKingfish catchable. Higher chance for treasure.50000


Upgrades Needs Time Prerequisite Unlock Price
Mayo Maker1 AdamantiteAdamantite5 daysChicken and rabbit barn upgrade--20000
Cheese Maker1 AdamantiteAdamantite5 daysAnimal barn upgrade--20000
Yarn Maker1 AdamantiteAdamantite5 daysChicken and rabbit barn upgrade / Animal barn upgrade--20000
Butter Maker1 AdamantiteAdamantite5 daysAnimal barn upgrade--20000