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Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town


Recipes Unlock Ingredients Stamina Fatigue
Mayonnaise (S)Mayonnaise (S)TV: Summer 1
OilOil, Regular EggRegular Egg10
Mayonnaise (M)Mayonnaise (M)TV: Summer 1
OilOil, Good EggGood Egg20
Mayonnaise (L)Mayonnaise (L)Cook dishes with:
13x Good EggGood Egg
OilOil, Excellent EggExcellent Egg30
Mayonnaise (G)Mayonnaise (G)Cook dishes with:
5x Excellent EggExcellent Egg
OilOil, Golden EggGolden Egg40
Mayonnaise (P)Mayonnaise (P)Cook dishes with:
3x Golden EggGolden Egg
OilOil, Platinum EggPlatinum Egg50
Mayonnaise (X)Mayonnaise (X)Cook dishes with:
1x Platinum EggPlatinum Egg
OilOil, X EggX Egg60
Relax Tea LeavesRelax Tea Leavesfrom LouBlue GrassBlue Grass, Green GrassGreen Grass, Red GrassRed Grass, Yellow GrassYellow Grass, Orange GrassOrange Grass, Purple GrassPurple Grass, Indigo GrassIndigo Grass, GrassGrass20
Wild Grape WaterWild Grape Waterfrom LouPurple GrassPurple Grass, Wild GrapesWild Grapes50
SaladSaladCook dishes with:
20x CucumberCucumber, 20x CabbageCabbage, 20x TomatoTomato, 20x CarrotCarrot
CucumberCucumber, CabbageCabbage, TomatoTomato, CarrotCarrot200
Curry RiceCurry RiceCook dishes with:
5x RiceRice
RiceRice, Curry PowderCurry Powder300
StewStewTV: Spring 3
TV: Spring 10
Milk, Wheat FlourWheat Flour300
Miso SoupMiso SoupCook dishes with:
10x OnionOnion, 5x Medium FishMedium Fish
Egg, OnionOnion, SpinachSpinach, Medium FishMedium Fish50
Fried VegetablesFried VegetablesCook dishes with:
5x CabbageCabbage
CabbageCabbage, OilOil400
Fried RiceFried RiceTV: Spring 17
from Harris
Egg, RiceRice, OilOil400
OkonomiyakiOkonomiyakifrom GottsEgg, CabbageCabbage, OilOil, Wheat FlourWheat Flour, MochiMochi500
SandwichSandwichfrom EllenCucumberCucumber, TomatoTomato, BreadBread, Boiled EggBoiled Egg400
Fruit JuiceFruit JuiceTV: Spring 24
StrawberriesStrawberries, PineapplePineapple, Wild GrapesWild Grapes, AppleApple200
Vegetable JuiceVegetable Juicefrom LouCucumberCucumber, CabbageCabbage, TomatoTomato, CarrotCarrot20-20
Mixed JuiceMixed Juicefrom DoctorFruit JuiceFruit Juice, Vegetable JuiceVegetable Juice50-20
Fruit SmoothieFruit SmoothieTV: Spring 24
from Basil
Milk, Fruit JuiceFruit Juice300
Mixed Juice with MilkMixed Juice with MilkCook dishes with:
5x Milk, 5x Fruit JuiceFruit Juice
Milk, Fruit JuiceFruit Juice60-20
Strawberry MilkStrawberry Milkfrom CarterMilk, StrawberriesStrawberries300
French FriesFrench FriesPotatoPotato, OilOil300
KetchupKetchupTomatoTomato, OnionOnion10
PopcornPopcornfrom KaiCornCorn300
Grilled CornGrilled Cornfrom LouCornCorn70
Pineapple JuicePineapple JuiceCook dishes with:
5x PineapplePineapple
Yam DessertYam Dessertfrom CherryEgg, YamYam, ButterButter400
Baked YamBaked YamTV: Summer 8
Cook dishes with:
2x YamYam
TamagoyakiTamagoyakifrom LilliaEgg, OilOil300
Omelette RiceOmelette RiceCook dishes with:
5x TurnipTurnip, 5x RiceRice
Egg, Milk, RiceRice, OilOil600
Boiled EggBoiled EggCook dishes with:
1x Egg
Cheese CakeCheese Cakefrom event Anna's Dessert Class
Egg, Milk, Cheese500
Cheese FondueCheese Fonduefrom DudleyCheese, EggplantEggplant, CarrotCarrot, BreadBread400
Apple PieApple Piefrom event Anna's Dessert Class
Egg, Wheat FlourWheat Flour, ButterButter, AppleApple500
Grilled AppleGrilled Applefrom LouAppleApple80
Mushroom RiceMushroom RiceTV: Fall 13
RiceRice, MushroomMushroom300
Bamboo RiceBamboo RiceCook dishes with:
1x RiceRice
RiceRice, Bamboo ShootBamboo Shoot300
Matsutake RiceMatsutake RiceTV: Fall 13
RiceRice, MatsutakeMatsutake600
SushiSushiCook dishes with:
1x RiceRice, 1x Small FishSmall Fish, 1x Medium FishMedium Fish, 1x Large FishLarge Fish
RiceRice, SashimiSashimi400
Raisin BreadRaisin BreadTV: Summer 15
Cook dishes with:
5x Wild GrapesWild Grapes
BreadBread, Wild GrapesWild Grapes300
Curry BreadCurry Breadfrom LouBreadBread, OilOil, Curry PowderCurry Powder300
SashimiSashimiSmall FishSmall Fish, Medium FishMedium Fish, Large FishLarge Fish300
Grilled FIshGrilled FIshCook dishes with:
1x Medium FishMedium Fish
Medium FishMedium Fish300
UdonUdonTV: Summer 29
Wheat FlourWheat Flour400
Curry UdonCurry UdonTV: Summer 29
Curry PowderCurry Powder, UdonUdon600
Tempura UdonTempura UdonCook dishes with:
3x UdonUdon
UdonUdon, TempuraTempura600
Zaru SobaZaru SobaSoba FlourSoba Flour400
Tempura SobaTempura SobaCook dishes with:
3x Soba FlourSoba Flour
Zaru SobaZaru Soba, TempuraTempura600
CookieCookiefrom event Anna's Dessert Class
Egg, Wheat FlourWheat Flour, ButterButter150
Chocolate CookiesChocolate Cookiesfrom SashaEgg, Wheat FlourWheat Flour, ChocolateChocolate, ButterButter300
TempuraTempuraCook dishes with:
3x Egg, 3x OilOil, 3x Wheat FlourWheat Flour
Egg, PumpkinPumpkin, EggplantEggplant, YamYam, OilOil, Wheat FlourWheat Flour200
Ice CreamIce Creamfrom MugiEgg, Milk30-20
CakeCakefrom event Anna's Dessert Class
Cook dishes with:
10x Egg, 10x Wheat FlourWheat Flour, 10x ButterButter
Egg, Wheat FlourWheat Flour, ButterButter400
Relax TeaRelax Teafrom LouRelax Tea LeavesRelax Tea Leaves50-50
French ToastFrench ToastCook dishes with:
10x Egg, 3x BreadBread
Egg, BreadBread, OilOil300
PuddingPuddingfrom event Anna's Dessert Class
Egg, Milk300
Moon DumplingsMoon DumplingsTV: Fall 20
Dumpling WheatDumpling Wheat400
ElligrassElligrassCook dishes with:
10x Relax Tea LeavesRelax Tea Leaves
Stamina Booster XLStamina Booster XL, Super CaffeineSuper Caffeine, Relax Tea LeavesRelax Tea Leaves100-50
PancakePancakeCook dishes with:
5x Egg, 5x Milk, 5x Wheat FlourWheat Flour, 5x ButterButter
Egg, Milk, OilOil, Wheat FlourWheat Flour, ButterButter, HoneyHoney200
SUGDW AppleSUGDW AppleCook dishes with:
20x AppleApple
AppleApple, HMSGB ApfelHMSGB Apfel, AEPFE AppleAEPFE Apple20
HMSGB ApfelHMSGB ApfelCook dishes with:
20x AppleApple
AppleApple, SUGDW AppleSUGDW Apple, AEPFE AppleAEPFE Apple20
AEPFE AppleAEPFE AppleCook dishes with:
20x AppleApple
AppleApple, SUGDW AppleSUGDW Apple, HMSGB ApfelHMSGB Apfel20
Stamina BoosterStamina BoosterCook dishes with:
20x HoneyHoney
True Magic Red Flower, Orange GrassOrange Grass, Black GrassBlack Grass, HoneyHoney500
Stamina Booster XLStamina Booster XLTV: Fall 27
Blue GrassBlue Grass, Stamina BoosterStamina Booster1000
CaffeineCaffeineCook dishes with:
20x HoneyHoney
True Magic Red Flower, Orange GrassOrange Grass, White GrassWhite Grass, HoneyHoney0-25
Super CaffeineSuper Caffeinefrom LouGreen GrassGreen Grass, CaffeineCaffeine0-50
Spring SunSpring Sunfrom LouMoondrop FlowerMoondrop Flower, Toy FlowerToy Flower, Blue Magic Red FlowerBlue Magic Red Flower, True Magic Red Flower, Sunsweet FlowerSunsweet Flower, Pink Cat FlowerPink Cat Flower
Sommer SunSommer Sunfrom ZackSmall FishSmall Fish, Medium FishMedium Fish, Large FishLarge Fish, Fish fossilFish fossil, Pirate Treasure
Fall SunFall Sunfrom LouX EggX Egg, Milk (X)Milk (X), Wool (X)Wool (X), Mayonnaise (X)Mayonnaise (X), Cheese (X)Cheese (X), Yarn (X)Yarn (X)
Winter SunWinter Sunfrom SaibaraMythic OreMythic Ore, MoonstoneMoonstone, SandroseSandrose, EmeraldEmerald, DiamondDiamond, Pink DiamondPink Diamond, AlexandriteAlexandrite
Mashed PotatoesMashed Potatoesfrom MannaMilk, Mayonnaise, PotatoPotato, ButterButter50
BaumkuchenBaumkuchenTV: Fall 6
Egg, Milk, Wheat FlourWheat Flour, ButterButter250
Sea PlateSea PlateCook dishes with:
10x OilOil, 5x Medium FishMedium Fish
CabbageCabbage, TomatoTomato, OnionOnion, OilOil, Medium FishMedium Fish300
AhijoAhijoCook dishes with:
5x OilOil, 5x MushroomMushroom
PotatoPotato, OnionOnion, Green PepperGreen Pepper, OilOil, MushroomMushroom500
ChurrosChurrosTV: Summer 22
Egg, Wheat FlourWheat Flour50
PaellaPaellaCook dishes with:
5x TomatoTomato, 5x OnionOnion, 10x RiceRice
TomatoTomato, OnionOnion, RiceRice, OilOil250
Shark Fin SoupShark Fin SoupCook dishes with:
5x Large FishLarge Fish
CarrotCarrot, Bamboo ShootBamboo Shoot, MushroomMushroom, Large FishLarge Fish100
Almond TofuAlmond TofuCook dishes with:
30x Milk
Chop SueyChop SueyCook dishes with:
3x OnionOnion, 3x CarrotCarrot, 3x OilOil, 3x MushroomMushroom
OnionOnion, CarrotCarrot, OilOil, MushroomMushroom150
Chinja OloseChinja OloseCook dishes with:
5x Green PepperGreen Pepper, 5x OilOil, 5x Bamboo ShootBamboo Shoot
Green PepperGreen Pepper, OilOil, Bamboo ShootBamboo Shoot200
Rice with SashimiRice with SashimiCook dishes with:
10x Medium FishMedium Fish, 10x Large FishLarge Fish
RiceRice, Medium FishMedium Fish, Large FishLarge Fish400
OdenOdenCook dishes with:
20x Egg, 20x TurnipTurnip, 20x PotatoPotato
Egg, TurnipTurnip, PotatoPotato, MochiMochi120
NeapolitanNeapolitanCook dishes with:
10x OnionOnion, 10x Green PepperGreen Pepper, 10x Wheat FlourWheat Flour
TomatoTomato, OnionOnion, Green PepperGreen Pepper, OilOil, Wheat FlourWheat Flour, MushroomMushroom200
Eggs BenedictEggs BenedictCook dishes with:
30x Egg, 30x Mayonnaise
Egg, Mayonnaise, Wheat FlourWheat Flour, ButterButter200
Pumpkin PotagePumpkin PotageCook dishes with:
10x Milk, 3x PumpkinPumpkin
Milk, OnionOnion, PumpkinPumpkin, Wheat FlourWheat Flour, ButterButter30
Pot-au-feuPot-au-feuCook dishes with:
10x TurnipTurnip, 5x CarrotCarrot
TurnipTurnip, PotatoPotato, CabbageCabbage, OnionOnion, CarrotCarrot100
CarpaccioCarpaccioCook dishes with:
30x Medium FishMedium Fish
TomatoTomato, MushroomMushroom, Medium FishMedium Fish350
QuicheQuicheCook dishes with:
30x Egg, 30x Milk
Egg, Milk, Cheese, OnionOnion, MushroomMushroom40
Cheese SouffleCheese SouffleCook dishes with:
10x Cheese
Egg, Milk, Cheese, Wheat FlourWheat Flour60
Bagna CaudaBagna CaudaCook dishes with:
5x Mayonnaise
Milk, Mayonnaise, TurnipTurnip, Green PepperGreen Pepper, OilOil, MushroomMushroom50
CarbonaraCarbonaraCook dishes with:
3x Cheese, 3x Milk, 3x Wheat FlourWheat Flour
Milk, Cheese, OnionOnion, OilOil, Wheat FlourWheat Flour150
MargheritaMargheritaCook dishes with:
15x Cheese, 15x Wheat FlourWheat Flour
Cheese, TomatoTomato, Wheat FlourWheat Flour, ButterButter300
Cheese RisottoCheese RisottoCook dishes with:
20x Cheese, 20x RiceRice
Milk, Cheese, OnionOnion, CarrotCarrot, RiceRice, OilOil200
Fish frittersFish frittersCook dishes with:
10x Small FishSmall Fish
Egg, OilOil, Wheat FlourWheat Flour, Small FishSmall Fish120
Nasi GorengNasi GorengCook dishes with:
8x OnionOnion, 8x Green PepperGreen Pepper, 8x RiceRice
OnionOnion, Green PepperGreen Pepper, RiceRice, KetchupKetchup200
MadeleinesMadeleinesCook dishes with:
5x Egg, 5x Wheat FlourWheat Flour
Egg, Wheat FlourWheat Flour, ButterButter, HoneyHoney80
Strawberry CakeStrawberry CakeCook dishes with:
14x Egg, 14x Milk, 5x StrawberriesStrawberries, 14x CaffeineCaffeine
Egg, Milk, StrawberriesStrawberries, ButterButter450
BibimbapBibimbapCook dishes with:
10x Egg, 5x RiceRice
CarrotCarrot, RiceRice, OilOil, Hot Spring EggHot Spring Egg250
Vegetable PizzaVegetable PizzaCook dishes with:
20x Cheese, 10x TomatoTomato, 15x Wheat FlourWheat Flour, 5x MushroomMushroom
Egg, Cheese, PotatoPotato, TomatoTomato, YamYam, Wheat FlourWheat Flour, MushroomMushroom200
Mushroom GratinMushroom GratinCook dishes with:
12x Milk, 12x Cheese, 5x MushroomMushroom
Milk, Cheese, ButterButter, MushroomMushroom, MatsutakeMatsutake320
RamenRamenCook dishes with:
25x Egg, 20x Wheat FlourWheat Flour, 20x Small FishSmall Fish
Egg, Wheat FlourWheat Flour, Bamboo ShootBamboo Shoot, Small FishSmall Fish200
DaifukuDaifukuCook dishes with:
2x MochiMochi
Adzuki BeansAdzuki Beans, MochiMochi200
DorayakiDorayakiCook dishes with:
3x Adzuki BeansAdzuki Beans
Egg, Milk, Adzuki BeansAdzuki Beans, Wheat FlourWheat Flour, HoneyHoney150
OrangeatOrangeatCook dishes with:
5x ChocolateChocolate
ChocolateChocolate, OrangeOrange100
Orange PeelOrange PeelCook dishes with:
3x OrangeOrange
Orange BreadOrange BreadCook dishes with:
5x BreadBread, 5x OrangeOrange
BreadBread, OrangeOrange270
ZensaiZensaiCook dishes with:
20x Adzuki BeansAdzuki Beans, 5x MochiMochi
Adzuki BeansAdzuki Beans, MochiMochi300
Chestnut RiceChestnut RiceCook dishes with:
30x RiceRice
RiceRice, ChestnutChestnut200
Roasted ChstnutRoasted ChstnutCook dishes with:
3x ChestnutChestnut
Mont BlancMont BlancCook dishes with:
5x Milk, 5x Egg, 5x ChestnutChestnut
Egg, Milk, Wheat FlourWheat Flour, ChestnutChestnut90
Spicy Chinja OloseSpicy Chinja OloseCook dishes with:
10x Green PepperGreen Pepper, 10x OilOil, 10x Bamboo ShootBamboo Shoot
Green PepperGreen Pepper, Chili PeppersChili Peppers, OilOil, Bamboo ShootBamboo Shoot20-20
Spicy RamenSpicy RamenCook dishes with:
5x Egg, 5x Wheat FlourWheat Flour, 5x Bamboo ShootBamboo Shoot, 5x Small FishSmall Fish
Egg, Chili PeppersChili Peppers, Wheat FlourWheat Flour, Bamboo ShootBamboo Shoot, Small FishSmall Fish20-20
Spicy fried VegetablesSpicy fried VegetablesCook dishes with:
10x CabbageCabbage, 10x OilOil
CabbageCabbage, Chili PeppersChili Peppers, OilOil40-20
Spicy SandwichSpicy SandwichCook dishes with:
5x CucumberCucumber, 5x TomatoTomato, 5x BreadBread, 5x Boiled EggBoiled Egg
CucumberCucumber, TomatoTomato, Chili PeppersChili Peppers, BreadBread, Boiled EggBoiled Egg40-20
Spicy MargheritaSpicy MargheritaCook dishes with:
20x Cheese, 20x Wheat FlourWheat Flour
Cheese, TomatoTomato, Chili PeppersChili Peppers, Wheat FlourWheat Flour, ButterButter30-20