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Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town


Big Rucksack
Preserved Flower
Blue Feather
Angora Breeding Kit
Cow Breeding Kit
Sheep Breeding Kit
Alpaca Breeding Kit
Cursed Rod
Cursed Hoe
Cursed Axe
Cursed Hammer
Cursed Watering Can
Cursed Sickle
Iron Sickle
Copper Sickle
Silver Sickle
Golden Sickle
Mythril Sickle
Blessed Sickle
Mythic Sickle
Iron Hoe
Copper Hoe
Silver Hoe
Golden Hoe
Mythril Hoe
Blessed Hoe
Mythic Hoe
Iron Axe
Copper Axe
Silver Axe
Golden Axe
Mythril Axe
Blessed Axe
Mythic Axe
Iron Hammer
Copper Hammer
Silver Hammer
Golden Hammer
Mythril Hammer
Blessed Hammer
Mythic Hammer
Watering Can
Copper Watering Can
Silver Watering Can
Golden Watering Can
Mythril Watering Can
Blessed Watering Can
Mythic Watering Can
Fishing Rod
Copper Fishing Rod
Silver Fishing Rod
Golden Fishing Rod
Mythril Fishing Rod
Blessed Rod
Mythic Fishing Rod
Secret Treasure of the Goddess
Secret Treasure of Kappa
Treasure of Truth
Teleport Stone