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Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town


Livestock Price Shop
ChickenChicken1500Poultry Farm
Brown Chicken1500Poultry Farm
Angora Rabbit3000Poultry Farm
CowCow5000Yodel Ranch
Coffee Milk Cow10000Yodel Ranch
Fruit Milk Cow10000Yodel Ranch
Strawberry Milk Cow10000Yodel Ranch
Sheep4000Yodel Ranch
AlpacaAlpaca4000Yodel Ranch
Pet Price Shop
American ShorthairAmerican Shorthair20000Pet Shop
Bengal CatBengal Cat20000Pet Shop
Three Color CatThree Color Cat20000Pet Shop
PenguinPenguin30000Pet Shop
Dark Blue PenguinDark Blue Penguin30000Pet Shop
Mineral DogMineral Dog10000Pet Shop
Black ShibaBlack Shiba20000Pet Shop
PapillonPapillon20000Pet Shop
Capybara (brown)Capybara (brown)30000Pet Shop
Capybara (white)Capybara (white)30000Pet Shop