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Harvest Moon - One World

  • Get a Valais Blacknose Sheep early. You need 4 wool for the late storyline and it takes some time to mature. Also, do not fill your barn with 3 other animals as its expensive and difficult to upgrade it. Just leave a slot open for this sheep.
  • You will need chamomile in the midst of the story. You can find the seeds in Pastilla.
  • Which terrain is forest? My best guess is the Coffee Tree Area and later the Goddess Spring Farm. Because the background looks similar (see picture - Plains, Beach, Coffee, Desert, Mountain, Snow, Goddess Farm - Yes I thought about it quite some time....).
  • If you suddenly need a item ASAP check the requests and reload the night until the requests pops up. Typical candidates might be Ginko Wood, Milk and Jersey-Milk or various Fish. Keep in mind the active requests are somewhat limited, so maybe solve another request from the same area or person.