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Harvest Moon - One World

Callison General Store

Opening hours:
8:00 - 21:00


Item Price
Miracle PotionMiracle Potion30000
Animal MedicineAnimal Medicine5000
Level 1 Animal FeedLevel 1 Animal Feed100
Level 2 Animal FeedLevel 2 Animal Feed200
Level 3 Animal FeedLevel 3 Animal Feed800
Level 1 Gentle FeedLevel 1 Gentle Feed400
Level 2 Gentle FeedLevel 2 Gentle Feed800
Level 3 Gentle FeedLevel 3 Gentle Feed1600
Lv. 1 Fast Animal Product FeedLv. 1 Fast Animal Product Feed2000
Lv. 2 Fast Animal Product FeedLv. 2 Fast Animal Product Feed4000
Lv. 3 Fast Animal Product FeedLv. 3 Fast Animal Product Feed6000
Oak LumberOak Lumber500
Cherry SproutCherry Sprout3000
Peach SproutPeach Sprout3000
Orange SproutOrange Sprout3000
Apple SproutApple Sprout3000
Walnut SproutWalnut Sprout3000
Oak SproutOak Sprout1500
Maple SproutMaple Sprout1500
Ginkgo SproutGinkgo Sprout1500


Seeds Ship to unlock Price
Angel Lantern SeedAngel Lantern Seed15 Angel Lantern500
Corn SeedCorn Seed30 Corn500
Wheat SeedWheat Seed30 Wheat500
Rye SeedRye Seed15 Rye500
Potato SeedPotato Seed30 Potato500
Red Bell Pepper SeedRed Bell Pepper Seed15 Red Bell Pepper500
White Eggplant SeedWhite Eggplant Seed15 White Eggplant500
Romanesco SeedRomanesco Seed15 Romanesco500
Romaine Lettuce SeedRomaine Lettuce Seed15 Romaine Lettuce500
White Celery SeedWhite Celery Seed10 White Celery500
Royal Herb SeedRoyal Herb Seed10 Royal Herb500
Turnip SeedTurnip Seed30 Turnip500
Red Turnip SeedRed Turnip Seed30 Red Turnip500
Marguerite SeedMarguerite Seed30 Marguerite500
Yellow Marguerite SeedYellow Marguerite Seed15 Yellow Marguerite500
Purple Marguerite SeedPurple Marguerite Seed15 Purple Marguerite500
Yellow Tulip SeedYellow Tulip Seed15 Yellow Tulip500
Incan Lily Seed15 Incan Lily500


Tool EffectPrice
Old HammerOld HammerBreaks Stones.
Small Stones: 2 Hits

Breaks Ores in Mines:
Brown (Halo Halo): 1 Hit
Brown (Pastilla): 1 Hit
Brown (Lebkuchen): 2 Hits
Brown (Wagashi): 1 Hit

Other Stones and Ores cannot be broken.
Old AxeOld AxeChops Trees.
Stumps on the field: 4 Hits

Oak: 2 Hits
Coconut Tree: 4 Hits
Birch: 2 Hits
Cedar: 2 Hits

Other Trees cannot be chopped.