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Magical Berry

Magical Berry
Sell Price: 640 G
Harvest from: Magical Berry Seed in on .
Mutates from White Berry Seed in on .

RequestDemandRewardNet Profit
Needed for the following requests:
A Request from Malika (Pastilla)3 Magical Berry Magical Berry 10 Rock Daisy Seed Rock Daisy Seed
RecipeIngredientsDish Sell PriceNet Profit (using Magical Berry)
Is used in the following recipes:
Strawberry JamStrawberry JamStrawberry240 G-400 G
FruitcakeFruitcakeStrawberry, Wheat600 G-520 to -100 G
Flower CakeFlower CakeStrawberry, Wheat, Strawberry Pansy1800 G-820 to 650 G
Acorn CakeAcorn CakeStrawberry, Wheat, Acorn Acorn500 G-621 to -201 G
Walnut CakeWalnut CakeStrawberry, Wheat, Walnut Walnut1530 G210 to 630 G
Magical Berry MilkMagical Berry MilkMilk, Magical Berry Magical Berry1500 G660 to 760 G
Strawberry GelatoStrawberry GelatoStrawberry, Milk720 G-120 to -20 G
Jersey Milk Strawberry GelatoJersey Milk Strawberry GelatoStrawberry, Jersey Milk Jersey Milk1520 G580 G
Strawberry PieStrawberry PieStrawberry, Wheat, Butter1080 G-640 to 180 G