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Harvest Moon - One World


Is liked by: Doc Jr.

Sell Price: 50 G

Can be crafted at Doc's Crafts and Inventions for:
1 Bronze Ore and 40G.

RequestDemandRewardNet Profit
Needed for the following requests:
Make a Fertilizer Maker (Starting Zone)5 Bronze Bronze Fertilizer Mixer
Make a Workbench (Starting Zone)5 Bronze Bronze Workbench now available Workbench now available
Upgrading your Farm Tools! 1 (Halo Halo)5 Bronze Bronze Expert Farm Tools Recipe Expert Farm Tools Recipe
A Request from Doc (Starting Zone)2 Bronze Bronze 5 Titanium Ore Titanium Ore150 G
Request from a Woman from Halo Halo (Halo Halo)2 Bronze Bronze 20 Tomato Seed Tomato Seed