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Harvest Moon - One World


Sell Price: 100 G
Produced by: Chicken

RequestDemandRewardNet Profit
Can be obtained from the following requests:
A Request from Saeed (Pastilla)2 EmeraldEmerald10 Egg Egg-1000 G
Needed for the following requests:
Researching Local Cuisine 1 (Halo Halo)4 Egg Egg Local Callison Recipes Local Callison Recipes
RecipeIngredientsDish Sell PriceNet Profit (using Egg)
Is used in the following recipes:
Fried EggFried EggEgg Egg300 G200 G
Double Fried EggsDouble Fried EggsEgg Egg x2600 G400 G
Triple Fried EggsTriple Fried EggsEgg Egg x3900 G600 G
QuicheQuicheSpinach, Milk, Egg Egg1600 G180 to 1260 G
Cream PieWheat, Milk, Egg1500 G720 to 1240 G
Jersey Milk Cream Pie(?)Wheat, Egg, Jersey Milk Jersey Milk2500 G1620 to 2040 G