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San Marzano Tomato

San Marzano Tomato
Sell Price: 150 G
Harvest from: San Marzano Tomato Seed in on .
Mutates from Tomato Seed in on .

RequestDemandRewardNet Profit
Needed for the following requests:
A Request from Malika (Pastilla)4 San Marzano Tomato San Marzano Tomato 10 Royal Herb Seed Royal Herb Seed
RecipeIngredientsDish Sell PriceNet Profit (using San Marzano Tomato)
Is used in the following recipes:
Tomato JamTomato JamTomato150 G0 G
Tomato JuiceTomato JuiceTomato150 G0 G
MinestroneMinestroneOnion, Tomato600 G-350 to 350 G
GazpachoGazpachoTomato, Bell Pepper, Asparagus1200 G-30 to 950 G
CouscousCouscousOnion, Tomato, Wheat1300 G-130 to 990 G
Tomato GelatoTomato GelatoTomato, Milk600 G250 to 350 G
Jersey Milk Tomato GelatoJersey Milk Tomato GelatoTomato, Jersey Milk Jersey Milk1400 G950 G
Tomato SoupTomato SoupTomato, Potato, Carrot1000 G370 to 770 G