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Harvest Moon - One World


Is disliked by: Kanoa

Sell Price: 100 G
Produced by: Cow

RequestDemandRewardNet Profit
Can be obtained from the following requests:
A Request from Braden (Callison)2 TurnipTurnip5 Milk Milk420 G
A Request from Braden (Callison)2 Sweet PotatoSweet Potato10 Milk Milk880 G
Needed for the following requests:
Bring the Offering to Ignis (Lebkuchen)10 Milk Milk
RecipeIngredientsDish Sell PriceNet Profit (using Milk)
Is used in the following recipes:
Milk CoffeeMilk CoffeeMilk, Coffee Coffee800 G600 G
Hot ChocolateHot ChocolateMilk, Cacao Cacao1600 G1200 G
Caffee LatteCaffee LatteMilk, Coffee Coffee800 G400 G
Hot MilkHot MilkMilk Milk300 G200 G
Corn ChowderCorn ChowderCorn, Milk560 G160 to 440 G
Bean ChowderBean ChowderBean, Milk1360 G620 to 1180 G
Fish ChowderFish ChowderMilk, Cod Cod800 G670 G
Corn Potage SoupCorn Potage SoupCorn, Milk, Butter1260 G400 to 940 G
Pumpkin Potage SoupPumpkin Potage SoupPumpkin, Milk, Butter1800 G350 to 1450 G
Jack-oJack-o'-Lantern Potage SoupMilk, Butter, Jack-o Jack-o'-Lantern4000 G2550 to 2950 G
QuicheQuicheSpinach, Milk, Egg Egg1600 G280 to 1260 G
Araucana Egg QuicheAraucana Egg QuicheSpinach, Milk, Araucana Egg Araucana Egg1820 G400 to 1380 G
Silkie Egg QuicheSilkie Egg QuicheSpinach, Milk, Silkie Egg Silkie Egg2160 G640 to 1620 G
Pumpkin QuichePumpkin QuicheSpinach, Pumpkin, Milk1210 G-760 to 920 G
Zucchini QuicheZucchini QuicheSpinach, Milk, Zucchini Zucchini1540 G170 to 1150 G
Butternut Squash QuicheButternut Squash QuicheSpinach, Milk, Squash Squash1600 G230 to 1210 G
Jack-oJack-o'-Lantern QuicheSpinach, Milk, Jack-o Jack-o'-Lantern3500 G1530 to 2510 G
Mushroom QuicheMushroom QuicheSpinach, Milk, Mushroom Mushroom x31800 G430 to 1410 G
Strawberry MilkStrawberry MilkMilk, Strawberry Strawberry720 G540 G
White Berry MilkWhite Berry MilkMilk, White Berry White Berry1360 G1020 G
Angel Lantern MilkAngel Lantern MilkMilk, Angel Lantern Angel Lantern1500 G760 G
Magical Berry MilkMagical Berry MilkMilk, Magical Berry Magical Berry1500 G760 G
PrincessPrincess' Eye MilkMilk, Princess Princess's Eye1500 G760 G
Aqua Strawberry MilkAqua Strawberry MilkMilk, Aqua Strawberry Aqua Strawberry1500 G1160 G
Burning Lantern MilkBurning Lantern MilkMilk, Burning Lanterns Burning Lanterns2000 G700 G
Banana ShakeMilk, Banana Banana800 G600 G
Tomato GelatoTomato GelatoTomato, Milk600 G-250 to 450 G
Strawberry GelatoStrawberry GelatoStrawberry, Milk720 G-580 to 540 G
Potato GelatoPotato GelatoPotato, Milk480 G80 to 360 G
Carrot GelatoCarrot GelatoCarrot, Milk640 G360 to 480 G
Pumpkin GelatoPumpkin GelatoPumpkin, Milk600 G-250 to 450 G
Pineapple GelatoPineapple GelatoPineapple, Milk600 G100 to 450 G
Watermelon GelatoWatermelon GelatoWatermelon, Milk800 G-100 to 600 G
Banana GelatoBanana GelatoMilk, Banana Banana800 G600 G
Peach GelatoPeach GelatoMilk, Peach Peach3600 G2700 G
Orange GelatoOrange GelatoMilk, Orange Orange800 G600 G
Apple GelatoApple GelatoMilk, Apple Apple800 G600 G
Acorn GelatoAcorn GelatoMilk, Acorn Acorn350 G249 G
Walnut GelatoWalnut GelatoMilk, Walnut Walnut1200 G900 G
Coffee GelatoCoffee GelatoMilk, Coffee Coffee800 G400 G
Chocolate GelatoChocolate GelatoMilk, Chocolate2800 G-2100 to 300 G
Cherry GelatoCherry GelatoMilk, Cherry Cherry2400 G1800 G
Coconut GelatoCoconut GelatoMilk, Coconut Milk Coconut Milk800 G400 G
Flower GelatoFlower GelatoStrawberry Pansy, Milk1500 G-100 to 950 G
ButterButterMilk Milk200 G100 G
Hard CheeseHard CheeseMilk x2500 G300 G
Washed-Rind CheeseWashed-Rind CheeseMilk x2500 G300 G
Blue CheeseBlue CheeseMilk x2500 G300 G
Camembert CheeseCamembert CheeseMilk x2500 G300 G
Vichyssoise(?)Vichyssoise(?)Leek, Milk, Potato Potato2100 G1180 to 1580 G
Black Potato Vichyssoise(?)Black Potato Vichyssoise(?)Leek, Milk, Black Potato Black Potato2830 G1770 to 2170 G
Titan Potato Vichyssoise(?)Titan Potato Vichyssoise(?)Leek, Milk, Titan Potato Titan Potato2910 G1850 to 2250 G
Blue Vichyssoise(?)Blue Vichyssoise(?)Leek, Milk, Ice Potato Ice Potato3200 G2000 to 2400 G
Brown Vichyssoise(?)Brown Vichyssoise(?)Leek, Milk, Sigelinde Sigelinde2620 G1660 to 2060 G
Cream PieWheat, Milk, Egg1500 G620 to 1240 G