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Harvest Moon - One World


Sell Price: 80 G

RequestDemandRewardNet Profit
Needed for the following requests:
Request from a Woman from Salmiakki (Salmiakki)2 Clam Clam 20 Level 1 Big Fish Bait Level 1 Big Fish Bait1840 G
RecipeIngredientsDish Sell PriceNet Profit (using Clam)
Is used in the following recipes:
Burgundy FondueBurgundy FondueClam, Baguette, Olive Olive2000 G-2500 to 1280 G
PaellaPaellaOrange Bell Pepper, Clam, Rice Rice2200 G1620 to 1820 G
Lava PaellaLava PaellaOrange Bell Pepper, Clam, Lava Rice Lava Rice5120 G3820 to 4020 G
Jumbo PaellaJumbo PaellaOrange Bell Pepper x2, Clam x2, Rice Rice x26000 G4840 to 5240 G
Jumbo Lava PaellaJumbo Lava PaellaOrange Bell Pepper x2, Clam x2, Lava Rice Lava Rice x210000 G7400 to 7800 G