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Rice Bread

Rice Bread
Sell Price: 1620 G

Is cooked with the following ingredients:
Rice Rice x3

RecipeIngredientsDish Sell PriceNet Profit (using Rice Bread)
Is used in the following recipes:
Strawberry Jam BaguetteStrawberry Jam BaguetteBaguette, Strawberry Jam Strawberry Jam1100 G-760 G
Peach Jam BaguetteBaguette, Peach Jam Peach Jam4000 G1180 G
Marmalade BaguetteBaguette, Marmalade Marmalade1200 G-720 G
Apple BaguetteBaguette, Apple Jam Apple Jam1200 G-720 G
Cherry Jam BaguetteBaguette, Cherry Jam Cherry Jam2800 G380 G
Carrot Jam BaguetteCarrot Jam BaguetteBaguette, Carrot Jam Carrot Jam1000 G-800 G
Pumpkin BaguettePumpkin BaguetteBaguette, Pumpkin Jam Pumpkin Jam1000 G-770 G
Tomato Jam BaguetteTomato Jam BaguetteBaguette, Tomato Jam Tomato Jam1000 G-770 G
Chocolate FondueChocolate FondueBaguette, Chocolate, Banana Banana3800 G-2720 to -320 G
Burgundy FondueBurgundy FondueClam, Baguette, Olive Olive2000 G-20 to 200 G
Soup FondueSoup FondueCorn, Pumpkin, Baguette1000 G-1670 to -690 G
Hibiscus Jam BaguetteHibiscus Jam BaguetteBaguette, Hibiscus Jam Hibiscus Jam3250 G-170 G
Chocolate BaguetteChocolate BaguetteBaguette, Chocolate3250 G-3170 to -770 G
Milk Chocolate BaguetteMilk Chocolate BaguetteBaguette, Milk Chocolate3250 G-3170 to -770 G
Dark Chocolate BaguetteDark Chocolate BaguetteBaguette, Dark Chocolate Dark Chocolate4320 G-1300 G
Jersey Milk Chocolate BaguetteJersey Milk Chocolate BaguetteBaguette, Jersey Milk Chocolate Jersey Milk Chocolate3250 G-3170 G
Goat Milk Chocolate BaguetteGoat Milk Chocolate BaguetteBaguette, Goat Milk Chocolate Goat Milk Chocolate3250 G-2370 G