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Sell Price: 60 G
Harvest from: Wheat Seed in on .

RecipeIngredientsDish Sell PriceNet Profit (using Wheat)
Is used in the following recipes:
Rainbow Trout a la MeuniereRainbow Trout a la MeuniereWheat, Butter, Rainbow Trout Rainbow Trout800 G120 to 520 G
Walleye a la MeuniereWalleye a la MeuniereWheat, Butter, Walleye Walleye900 G210 to 610 G
Dorado a la MeuniereDorado a la MeuniereWheat, Butter, Dorado Dorado1200 G460 to 860 G
Piranha MeunierePiranha MeuniereWheat, Butter, Piranha Piranha800 G130 to 530 G
Perch a la MeunierePerch a la MeuniereWheat, Butter, Perch Perch800 G130 to 530 G
Yellow Perch a la MeuniereYellow Perch a la MeuniereWheat, Butter, Yellow Perch Yellow Perch800 G125 to 525 G
Arowana a la MeuniereArowana a la MeuniereWheat, Butter, Arowana Arowana1500 G520 to 920 G
Green Arowana a la MeuniereGreen Arowana a la MeuniereWheat, Butter, Green Arowana Green Arowana1800 G640 to 1040 G
Banjar Arowana a la MeuniereBanjar Arowana a la MeuniereWheat, Butter, Banjar Arowana Banjar Arowana3500 G1680 to 2080 G
Super Red Arowana a la MeuniereSuper Red Arowana a la MeuniereWheat, Butter, Super Red Arowana Super Red Arowana4000 G840 to 1240 G
Akame al la MeuniereAkame al la MeuniereWheat, Butter, Akame Akame2500 G1180 to 1580 G
Huchen a la MeuniereHuchen a la MeuniereWheat, Butter, Huchen Huchen3400 G1240 to 1640 G
Nidhogg a la MeuniereNidhogg a la MeuniereWheat, Butter, Nidhogg Nidhogg8000 G4340 to 4740 G
Tilapia a la MeuniereTilapia a la MeuniereWheat, Butter, Tilapia Tilapia800 G130 to 530 G
Goby MeuniereGoby MeuniereWheat, Butter, Goby Goby1200 G460 to 860 G
Cod a la MeuniereCod a la MeuniereWheat, Butter, Cod Cod1000 G310 to 710 G
Barracuda a la MeuniereBarracuda a la MeuniereWheat, Butter, Barracuda Barracuda1000 G310 to 710 G
Seabream MeuniereSeabream MeuniereWheat, Butter, Red Seabream Red Seabream1500 G760 to 1160 G
Black Porgy a la MeuniereBlack Porgy a la MeuniereWheat, Butter, Black Porgy Black Porgy2000 G1080 to 1480 G
BaguetteBaguetteWheat Wheat x3540 G360 G
Acorn BreadAcorn BreadWheat, Acorn Acorn160 G99 G
Walnut BreadWalnut BreadWheat, Walnut Walnut1100 G840 G
Coffee BreadCoffee BreadWheat, Coffee Coffee640 G280 G
FruitcakeFruitcakeStrawberry, Wheat600 G-660 to 460 G
Flower CakeFlower CakeStrawberry, Wheat, Strawberry Pansy1800 G-960 to 1210 G
Acorn CakeAcorn CakeStrawberry, Wheat, Acorn Acorn500 G-761 to 359 G
Walnut CakeWalnut CakeStrawberry, Wheat, Walnut Walnut1530 G70 to 1190 G
Watermelon CakeWatermelon CakeWheat, Watermelon640 G-220 to 480 G
Yellow Watermelon CakeYellow Watermelon CakeWheat, Mellow Yellow Mellow Yellow1440 G1080 G
Blue Watermelon CakeBlue Watermelon CakeWheat, Blue Melon Blue Melon3440 G2580 G
Coffee CakeCoffee CakeWheat, Coffee Coffee640 G480 G
Hibiscus CakeHibiscus CakeWheat, Hibiscus1040 G-340 to 780 G
CouscousCouscousOnion, Tomato, Wheat1300 G-310 to 1090 G
Banana PieBanana PieWheat, Butter, Banana Banana1170 G410 to 810 G
Peach PiePeach PieWheat, Butter, Peach Peach4320 G2860 to 3260 G
Orange PieOrange PieWheat, Butter, Orange Orange1170 G410 to 810 G
Apple PieApple PieWheat, Butter, Apple Apple1170 G410 to 810 G
Walnut PieWalnut PieWheat, Butter, Walnut Walnut2500 G1640 to 2040 G
Cherry PieCherry PieWheat, Butter, Cherry Cherry2970 G1810 to 2210 G
Strawberry PieStrawberry PieStrawberry, Wheat, Butter1080 G-780 to 740 G
Sweet Potato PieSweet Potato PieWheat, Sweet Potato, Butter990 G170 to 670 G
Cream Pumpkin Pie(?)Wheat, Butter, Cream Pumpkin Cream Pumpkin2520 G1460 to 1860 G
Cream PieWheat, Milk, Egg1500 G940 to 1240 G
Jersey Milk Cream Pie(?)Wheat, Egg, Jersey Milk Jersey Milk2500 G1840 to 2040 G
Stargazy PieStargazy PieWheat, Butter, Sardine Sardine800 G135 to 535 G