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Harvest Moon - One World

Important Requests

Starting Zone
Make a Fertilizer MakerDocPadDoc Jr.Finish the story of Callison.5 BronzeBronzeFertilizer Mixer
Make a KitchenDocPadDoc Jr.Discover Halo Halo3 IronIronKitchen
Make a WorkbenchDocPadDoc Jr.Finish the story of Halo Halo.5 BronzeBronzeWorkbench now availableWorkbench now available
Great Ancestors' Challenge 1PersonDoc Jr.--2 SilverSilverItems added to DocItems added to Doc's Crafts
Make a SprinklerDocPadDoc Jr.--5 SilverSilverSprinkler RecipeSprinkler Recipe
Great Ancestors' Challenge 2PersonDoc Jr.Great Ancestors' Challenge 12 PlatinumPlatinumAdditional Items added to DocAdditional Items added to Doc's Crafts
Great Ancestors' Challenge 3PersonDoc Jr.Finish the complete Story.
Great Ancestors' Challenge 2
2 AdamantiteAdamantiteEven more Items added to DocEven more Items added to Doc's Crafts
Wardrobe(?)DocPadDoc Jr.Large House4 Cedar LumberCedar LumberWardrobe(?)
Improve your WorkbenchDocPadDoc Jr.Large House5 TitaniumTitaniumWorkbench improvedWorkbench improved
Researching Sprinklers 1PersonDoc Jr.Make a Sprinkler4 TitaniumTitaniumSprinkler Recipe 2Sprinkler Recipe 2
Further improve your WorkbenchDocPadDoc Jr.Huge House5 AdamantiteAdamantiteWorkbench further improvedWorkbench further improved
Researching Sprinklers 2PersonDoc Jr.Researching Sprinklers 14 PlatinumPlatinumSprinkler Recipe 3Sprinkler Recipe 3
Hold the Equestrian ChallengePersonBradenFinish the story of Callison.10 Oak LumberOak LumberEquestrian Challenge
Protecting Animals 1PersonAnimal Dealer--4 PotatoPotatoAnimal Dealer
Secret Road to the PlateauPersonWoman from Callison--4 Ginkgo LumberGinkgo LumberStreet from Callison to Lebkuchen
Researching Growth PromotersPersonThoughtful WomanFinish the story of Callison.4 Crucian CarpCrucian CarpGrowth Promoter RecipeGrowth Promoter Recipe
Halo Halo
Hold the Big Fish FaceoffPersonKanoaFinish the story of Halo Halo.10 IronIronBig Fish Faceoff
Fix the CartPersonAhinaFinish the story of Halo Halo.4 Palm LumberPalm LumberMobile Wagon
Revive the Lantern FestivalPersonAhinaFinish the story of Halo Halo.10 Palm LumberPalm LumberLantern Festival
Memory PortalsPersonDoc Jr.Gather the Materials Memory Portals
Upgrading your Farm Tools! 1PersonDvaMake a Workbench5 BronzeBronzeExpert Farm Tools RecipeExpert Farm Tools Recipe
Upgrade your Harvesting Tools! 1PersonDvaFinish the story of Pastilla.
Make a Workbench
5 SilverSilverExpert Harvesting Tools RecipeExpert Harvesting Tools Recipe
Upgrading your Farm Tools! 2PersonDvaFinish the story of Lebkuchen.
Upgrading your Farm Tools! 1
5 GoldGoldMaster Farm Tools RecipeMaster Farm Tools Recipe
Upgrade your Harvesting Tools! 2PersonDvaFinish the story of Salmiakki.
Upgrade your Harvesting Tools! 1
5 GoldGoldMaster Harvesting Tools RecipeMaster Harvesting Tools Recipe
Upgrading your Farm Tools! 3PersonDvaFinish the complete Story.
Upgrading your Farm Tools! 2
5 TitaniumTitaniumLegendary Farm Tools RecipeLegendary Farm Tools Recipe
Upgrading your Farm Tools! 4PersonDvaUpgrading your Farm Tools! 35 PlatinumPlatinumGoddess Farm Tools RecipeGoddess Farm Tools Recipe
Upgrade your Harvesting Tools! 3PersonDvaUpgrade your Harvesting Tools! 25 TitaniumTitaniumLegendary Harvesting Tools RecipeLegendary Harvesting Tools Recipe
Upgrade your Harvesting Tools! 4PersonDvaUpgrade your Harvesting Tools! 35 PlatinumPlatinumGoddess Harvesting Tools RecipeGoddess Harvesting Tools Recipe
A Request from HolokaiMailHolokaiFinish the story of Halo Halo.2 DoradoDoradoFruit Punch RecipeFruit Punch Recipe
A Request from HolokaiMailHolokaiFinish the story of Halo Halo.2 Tiger PrawnTiger PrawnFish a la Meuniere RecipeFish a la Meuniere Recipe
A Request from HolokaiMailHolokaiFinish the story of Halo Halo.2 CodCodRatatouille RecipeRatatouille Recipe
Researching Local Cuisine 2PersonHolokaiFinish the story of Halo Halo.6 TomatoTomatoLocal Halo Halo RecipesLocal Halo Halo Recipes
Researching Local Cuisine 1PersonHolokaiFinish the story of Halo Halo.4 EggEggLocal Callison RecipesLocal Callison Recipes
Researching Local Cuisine 3PersonHolokaiFinish the story of Pastilla.6 OnionOnionLocal Pastilla RecipesLocal Pastilla Recipes
Researching Local Cuisine 4PersonHolokaiFinish the story of Lebkuchen.4 Jersey MilkJersey MilkLocal Lebkuchen RecipesLocal Lebkuchen Recipes
Researching Local Cuisine 5PersonHolokaiFinish the story of Salmiakki.2 TrufflesTrufflesLocal Salmiakki RecipesLocal Salmiakki Recipes
Repair the Wedding AltarPersonVitaeFinish the complete Story.30 StoneStone Blue FeatherBlue Feather
Researching Fishing Bait 1PersonEasily-Excited ManFinish the story of Halo Halo.4 MusselMusselLevel 2 Regular Bait RecipeLevel 2 Regular Bait Recipe
Researching Large Fish BaitPersonEasily-Excited ManResearching Fishing Bait 14 Tiger PrawnTiger PrawnBig Fish Bait RecipeBig Fish Bait Recipe
Researching Fishing Bait 2PersonEasily-Excited ManFinish the complete Story.
Researching Large Fish Bait
10 Large ClamLarge ClamLevel 3 Regular Bait RecipeLevel 3 Regular Bait Recipe
Researching Legendary Fish BaitPersonEasily-Excited ManResearching Fishing Bait 24 LobsterLobsterLegendary Bait RecipeLegendary Bait Recipe
Protecting Animals 2PersonJamilFinish the story of Pastilla.6 ChickpeaChickpeaAnimal Dealer gets new Animals
Protecting Animals 3PersonJamilProtecting Animals 28 BarleyBarleyAnimal Dealer gets more new Animals
Protecting Animals 4PersonJamilProtecting Animals 34 BroccoliBroccoliAnimal Dealer gets even more new Animals
Improving Animal Feed 1PersonJamilFinish the story of Pastilla.4 Fodder CornFodder CornLv. 2 Animal Feed RecipeLv. 2 Animal Feed Recipe
Improving Animal Feed 2PersonJamilImproving Animal Feed 110 BarleyBarleyLv. 3 Animal Feed RecipeLv. 3 Animal Feed Recipe
Protecting Animals 5PersonJamilProtecting Animals 44 Pointy CabbagePointy CabbageAnimal Dealer gets all Animals
Researching Animal Stress ReductionPersonJamilImproving Animal Feed 22 Sunset CornSunset CornGentle Feed RecipeGentle Feed Recipe
Researching Faster Animal ProductsPersonJamilResearching Animal Stress Reduction2 BarracudaBarracudaFaster Harvesting Feed RecipeFaster Harvesting Feed Recipe
Refining Rare GemsPersonRaz--10 Material StoneMaterial StoneRare Ore Refining RecipeRare Ore Refining Recipe
Ultra-Rare Ore Refining RecipePersonRazFind Raw Alexandrite Gemstone and Raw Phosphophyllite Gemstone
Refining Rare Gems
30 Material StoneMaterial StoneUltra-Rare Ore Refining RecipeUltra-Rare Ore Refining Recipe
Hold the Red Hot Cook-OffPersonTristanFinish the story of Lebkuchen.10 Maple LumberMaple LumberRed Hot Cook-Off
A Request from LauraMailLauraFinish the story of Lebkuchen.2 Araucana EggAraucana EggCheese RecipeCheese Recipe
A Request from LauraMailLauraFinish the story of Lebkuchen.3 SquashSquashNo-Bake Cheesecake RecipeNo-Bake Cheesecake Recipe
Hold the Reindeer RushPersonSamiFinish the story of Salmiakki.10 Birch LumberBirch LumberReindeer Rus
Revive the Aurora FestivalPersonKirsiFinish the story of Salmiakki.10 Cedar LumberCedar LumberAurora Festival
Revive the Harvest Moon FestivalPersonProfessor KaurismäkiFinish the complete Story.5 Strawberry JamStrawberry JamHarvest Moon Festival
Researching Fertilizer 1PersonCarefree ManFinish the story of Salmiakki.5 BroccoliBroccoliLv. 2 Fertilizer RecipeLv. 2 Fertilizer Recipe
Researching Fertilizer 2PersonCarefree ManResearching Fertilizer 110 Level 2 FertilizerLevel 2 FertilizerLv. 3 Fertilizer RecipeLv. 3 Fertilizer Recipe
Reckless RoadPersonMoody ManLift the Curse from Sana4 Ginkgo LumberGinkgo LumberAdditional Area in Wagashi